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The origin of the Cisneros Corporation dates back to 1933, when founder Diego Cisneros created a small transportation company called El Expedito, based out of Venezuela. This company grew into a fleet of trucks, and Cisneros eventually acquired the rights to distribute the classic Studebaker cars and parts.

By 1939, Cisneros began an extensive commercial expansion with the creation of Diego Cisneros y Compañía, incorporating Hamilton & Norge and REO trucks.
In 1940, Pepsi Cola International granted exclusive sales and marketing rights to Diego. Thus the company began successfully marketing the products of Pepsi in Venezuela. Soon after, other related companies came on board, providing innovative carbonated drinks with local flavors. Later Gaveplast, the bottling and distribution plant was established.
In 1947 Cisneros acquired Helados Club Ice Cream Company, which later became known as Helados Tío Rico.
In the 1950s Cisneros strategically integrated its commercial enterprises and industrial activities under one organization.
In the early 60s the company reached a crucial turning point when Diego Cisneros entered the field of audiovisual media by buying local Channel 4 television in Venezuela. This eventually became the country's largest private television channel and the most important producer of soap operas for the Hispanic market.
In 1970, after falling ill, Diego handed the company over to his sons, Gustavo and Ricardo Cisneros. Gustavo Cisneros took over the presidency and was responsible for strategy, public relations and growth. Ricardo Cisneros handled its operations and finance. Then a process of transformation and expansion began. During this time the company acquired and added Distribuidores O’Caña (importer of spirits) to the family of businesses, as well as Radiovisión (the first network radio stations in Venezuela), CADA (the first supermarket chain in the country), Laboratorios FISA (a distributor of beauty products) and the exclusive rights to operate Burger King franchises within the country.
In the 1980s Cisneros launched the record company Rodven and acquired the exclusive rights to the Miss Venezuela beauty pageant. During this era of high growth, the companies Spalding, Evenflo, Maxy's (previously SEARS), Yukery (producer of juices and food) and many other leading consumer product companies came into play.
In the early 90s Cervecería Regional was acquired, becoming the second largest brewery company in Venezuela. By 1995 Cisneros and Hughes joined up to launch DIRECTV Latin America, the first satellite television company for private homes throughout the region. With this, the era of internationalization of the business began.
In the new millennium, Cisneros acquired Los Leones de Caracas, the group’s first sports team, and one of the most successful baseball clubs in Venezuela. During this time, founded by the sons of Ricardo Cisneros, the Cisneros Corporation was born as a business initiative characterized by its young, modern and creative professional leadership. This new Corporation is based on the history and entrepreneurial tradition of the family, keeping the spirit and vision to pursue new challenges and business opportunities by perseverance, professionalism and excellence.